About us

About Organization

The organization Kirupasanam church of Christ was founded by Sadhu Yesudhasan and Apostle S. Kumaradas being the pioneer of (Kirupasanam Church of Christ North India)
Kirupasanam word is a Tamil word. Meaning of the word Kirupasanam is Ark's Cover or Cover of the Ark (Mercy Seat).

Reference Verse
  • Exodus 25:17-22
  • Numbers 7:89
  • Hebrews 4:16 & 9:5
  • Let's Praise the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST together.

Our Vision

Greetings in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST Our King. We are visioned in sharing the Word of Heavenly GOD with you. To Encourage and boost your Morale. To Strengthen you. Guide you in the right Path and Lead your life in a Miraculous way. To awaken your Spiritual Life and Bring you closer to GOD. We believe in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity GOD.

Pastor Issac S. Dasan

Kirupasanam Church of Christ Chembur (KCC Chembur)